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  • Gamble's Farm: A New Holland Story

    In this customer story, we visit Ben Gamble and his family in Concord, Pennsylvania. The Gambles use New Holland equipment, sold and serviced by Messick's, to raise livestock and grow corn, soybeans, barley, and hay.

  • New Holland Presents: Frosty the Baleman

    A special holiday greeting from your friends at New Holland!


    Frosty the Baleman,

    was a 5x6 round bale.

    With a fresh net wrap and a tight wrapped core,

    his weight will tip the scale.

    Frosty the Baleman,

    was a fine New Holland Bale.

    He was made of hay and the farmers say,

    He’ll feed livestock without fail.

    At first he was some lush green grass,

    'til the Discbine cut him down.

    Along came the ProCart rake,

    And the Roll-Belt made him round.

    Frosty the Baleman was a perfect bale they say.

    He was made for feed that the livestock need,

    to get them through their day

    Recorded by Cold Spring Union - written by New Holland

  • Trattore Farms: A New Holland Story

    Trattore Farms is a producer of high quality wines and olive oils, based outside of San Francisco, California. They depend on New Holland specialty tractors and the day-to-day support from their local dealer to produce high-quality products. Watch to hear their story.

  • The New U80D Tractor Loader is Here!

    Whether at the bucket or hitch, you get all the responsive power you need to load, stack, scrape and level in the all-new 74 gross hp U80D tractor loader. Work in comfort in the enhanced cab and enjoy clear-line visibility to the worksite. Versatility that pays.

  • The New B95D Backhoe Loader

    You’ll have no shortage of work with a new B95D loader backhoe in your fleet. With a nearly 22’ reach, 97 hp, new comfort cab, and loads of versatility, it’ll keep you busy and more productive all year long. Ready for more? Choose a New Holland B95D loader backhoe.

  • Discbine® PLUS Series Disc Mower-Conditioners Overview

    New Discbine® PLUS Series center-pivot disc mower-conditioners are set to redefine the disc mower-conditioner. They’re more than just bold styling, with features including the upgraded, commercial-grade MowMax™ II PLUS cutterbar for the cleanest cut yet and improved swath control for even faster dry down. Remember: a disc mower-conditioner isn’t a genuine Discbine unless it’s built and backed by the best in the business: New Holland.

    Learn more here:

    00:00 Overview
    01:35 Driveline
    03:28 MowMax™ II PLUS Cutterbar
    07:03 Header Floatation
    08:00 Conditioning Systems & Crop Control Surfaces
    09:48 Conclusion

  • 2022 New Holland GENESIS® T8 SmartTrax™

    New Holland unveils the latest innovation of the GENESIS® T8 series tractors, the GENESIS SMARTTRAX™ available on the T8.410 and T8.435 models. Providing you with all of the benefits of a tracked unit and none of the drawbacks. GENESIS SmartTrax operates like a wheeled unit but allows you to operate even in marginal conditions and has spacings that can be customized along with track width to accommodate any crop rows.

  • Pro-Belt™ Series Round Baler Animation

    Learn about professional-grade components and the baling process found on all-new Pro-Belt™ Series round balers as part of this animation. Learn more here:

  • New Holland Construction Beyond Performance: Crushery 2022

    Knowing you can handle any job when you’re at the controls of a New Holland. That’s CRUSHERY. Beyond Performance.

  • Bale-Slice™ System Overview on Roll-Belt™ Round Balers

    Discover how New Holland’s exclusive Bale-Slice™ system, found on Roll-Belt™ 450 and 560 round balers, can help improve your haymaking and cattle operation. Learn more at

  • C362 New Holland’s Beast

    A C362 New Holland newest track loader customer testimonial from John McGinn from Tennessee on how this machine is such a powerful time saver.

  • F50C Rough Terrain Forklift

    Our new New Holland Forklift is here! Check out some of the features in this short video!

  • Horizon™ Ultra Cab Walkaround | T7 Heavy Duty PLM Intelligence

    The T7 HD PLM Intelligence™ series have been updated to improve your productivity and transform the way you work. The new T7 Heavy Duty is now equipped with PLM Intelligence and our new Horizon™ Ultra cab featuring the new SideWinder™ Ultra armrest and IntelliView™ 12 display. The enhancements made to the cab provide the ultimate comfort, space, and technology to the operator.

  • Sidewinder Ultra Armrest Walkaround | T7 Heavy Duty PLM Intelligence

    The T7 HD PLM Intelligence™ series have been updated to improve your productivity and transform the way you work. The new T7 Heavy Duty is now equipped with PLM Intelligence and our new Horizon™ Ultra cab featuring the new SideWinder™ Ultra armrest and IntelliView™ 12 display. The enhancements made to the cab provide the ultimate comfort, space, and technology to the operator.

  • Technology and Connectivity Walkaround | T7 Heavy Duty PLM Intelligence

    The T7 HD PLM Intelligence™ series have been updated to improve your productivity and transform the way you work. The new T7 Heavy Duty is now equipped with PLM Intelligence and our new Horizon™ Ultra cab featuring the new SideWinder™ Ultra armrest and IntelliView™ 12 display. The enhancements made to the cab provide the ultimate comfort, space, and technology to the operator.

  • T7 HD External Walkaround | T7 Heavy Duty PLM Intelligence

    The T7 HD PLM Intelligence™ series have been updated to improve your productivity and transform the way you work. The new T7 Heavy Duty is now equipped with PLM Intelligence and our new Horizon™ Ultra cab featuring the new SideWinder™ Ultra armrest and IntelliView™ 12 display. The enhancements made to the cab provide the ultimate comfort, space, and technology to the operator.

  • B75D Loader Backhoe

    Our B75D Tractor Loader Backhoe redefines economy class.

  • C362 Compact Track Loader

    Our beast C362 has arrived! Visit your New Holland dealer and check it out!

  • Overview: New Holland Construction Equipment 2022

    Check out an overview of all our New Holland Construction Products!

  • B75D Tractor Loader Backhoe Reveal

    Our B75D Tractor Loader Backhoe redefines economy class.

  • 2023 P2185 Air Disc Drill - P2085 vs. P2185 Comparison

    Differences from the P2085 model to the new P2185 mounted tank single shoot disc drill.

  • The NEW 2023 P2185 Air Disc Drill - Introduction and Overview

    Introduction to the new P2185 mounted tank single shoot disc drill.

  • Durabine™ PLUS Series Disc Headers Overview

    Learn how new Durabine™ PLUS disc headers are designed to take advantage of industry-leading speeds without compromising cutting and conditioning quality. Learn more here:

  • Speedrower PLUS 3D Animation

    See new features in action, like the SensiDrive™ ground drive system and Terraglide™ rear axle suspension, found on Speedrower® PLUS Series self-propelled windrowers as part of this 3D animation.

  • Introducing Speedrower® PLUS Series Windrowers

    The new Speedrower® PLUS Series are the most productive, precise, and powerful self-propelled windrowers ever built by New Holland. The Speedrower PLUS Series offers superior drivability with advanced SensiDrive™ drive-by-wire controls, enhanced productivity with the industry’s fastest speeds, easy-to-use Precision Land Management (PLM™) solutions, and our most comfortable ride ever. New Durabine™ PLUS disc headers are designed to take advantage of faster speeds with enhanced cutting and conditioning quality.

  • T7 Heavy Duty Tractor with PLM Intelligence™

    The new T7 Heavy Duty with PLM Intelligence™ tractor builds on the legacy of the acclaimed T7 tractor family by New Holland. The refreshed operator environment and introduction of PLM Intelligence technology sets the new benchmark in this category of tractors – creating a range of customization features that enable operators to personalize their tractor to their individual preferences.

    The new T7 HD maintains the powerful performance, exceptional agility and outstanding versatility that are the hallmark of this tractor and delivers a superior working experience with the brand-new Horizon Ultra cab and next-generation PLM Intelligence features. It is ideal for contractors who need to multi-task in a variety of field and transport applications, and look for a boost to their comfort, efficiency and productivity.

    Learn more about the T7 HD here:

  • Careful research, planning and data = Award-winning Angus

    An NCBA Cattlemen to Cattlemen segment which aired on RFD-TV featuring John McGinn of McGinn Angus in East Tennessee. See how their angus operation uses careful research, planning, and data, plus New Holland equipment from West Hills Tractor to reach their award-winning goals.

    Used with permission from National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

  • Cut up to 40 acres an hour! MegaCutter™ Customer Interviews

    New Holland visited a New Holland equipment dealer, and their customers, to talk about their experience owning a MegaCutter™. Hear what owners have to say about this top of the line hay cutting system.

    Today’s commercial operations and custom harvesters know preserving forage quality is like money in the bank. It’s a process that begins when the first crop falls and only ends when the bales are stacked and the bunk is packed. New Holland can help you reach your goal with high-capacity MegaCutter solutions. Whether you’re cutting your own fields or working as a contractor, clean cutting with excellent cut quality without slowdown is what you expect. The MegaCutter disc cutterbar provides a clean cut with minimal tilt, even in thick and tangled crops. The round disc profile is less susceptible to impacts than other disc shapes and each disc drive is fitted with a drive protection system.

    To learn more about MegaCutter™ mounted disc mowers and disc mower-conditioners, visit:

  • New Holland Haying Season with BIG Equipment

    A video of some modern MEGA Ag equipment with a slightly retro vibe.

    Visit New Holland Agriculture at:

  • Why Use Data? Yield Mapping Explained

    Nobody knows more about your fields than you, but with precision farming data you can know even more. Generate detailed maps of your fields for planning, tracking, problem solving, looking for efficiencies and to use to help build profits. In short, increase yields from your fields!

  • Ready to Roll: New Holland Roll-Belt™ 560 Round Balers

    New Holland round baling history started in 1974 with the Model 850. Today, the same size baler, the Roll-Belt™ 560, is still designed and built to get the most out of every season. For the largest capacity, the widest pickups, and the highest bale density, choose a Roll-Belt 560. From the moment the pickup tines touch the windrow, your Roll-Belt baler will pick up all of the valuable crop that you’re baling. The design innovations on ActiveSweep™ pickups add up to a 20% increase in capacity, leaving nothing but perfect, square-shouldered bales behind.

    To see all the Roll-Belt models, visit:

  • Tractor HVAC System: GENESIS® T8 with PLM Intelligence™

    For the 2020 model year, a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system was introduced in the GENESIS® T8 with PLM Intelligence™. All controls have been ergonomically relocated to the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest, making on the go adjustments even easier. This video illustrates vent placement and airflow in extreme hot or cold conditions whole in the cab. With a higher capacity HVAC system and 17 precision positioned vents, the interior of the cab stays comfortable all year long.

    To learn more about the T8, visit:

  • Rice and Soybean Harvest by the Mississippi River

    A short video of New Holland CR Revelation 8.90 combines harvesting soybeans and rice by the Mississippi River. Filmed near Charleston, Missouri in the month of November. In 2017 a CR Revelation 8.90 established the world record for "for highest capacity in soybeans" - harvesting 16,157 bushels in eight hours.

    To learn more about the CR Revelation combine visit:

    For more information on New Holland equipment, visit:

  • CustomSteer™ Variable Ratio Steering - For Less Turning of Steering Wheel

    Different use cases for New Holland's CustomSteer™ variable ratio steering system. It reduces the amount of turns required. These examples show ratios and tracking paths of the tires in these situations:

    - Loader work
    - Headland turns
    - Reversing a trailer

    CustomSteer saves you valuable time and effort in the field. It reduces how much you need to turn the steering wheel to achieve a full turn. Forward and reverse settings can differ. CustomSteer is available on the T7 Series, and GENESIS® T8 with PLM Intelligence™ Series tractors. For more information on these models, visit:

    T7 Series:

    GENESIS® T8 with PLM Intelligence™ Series:

  • SideWinder™ Ultra Armrest with IntelliView™ 12: Ultimate In-Cab Ergonomics

    Currently available on T9 with PLM Intelligence™ and T8 with PLM Intelligence™ Series tractors, the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest hosts all key controls, including throttle, transmission and hydraulics. The CommandGrip™ multifunction handle and IntelliView™ 12 color touch screen monitor insure everything is easy to read and at your fingertips.

    Up to 11 buttons can be personalized and configured on the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest. Located in strategic positions around the armrest: One on the multifunction handle, two on both the joystick and main keypad, four on the rear keypad, and one or two on the throttle/transmission keypad (depending on the transmission option selected). These buttons can be configured to suit both the task at hand and the specific preferences of the operator.

    Furthermore, the entire armrest can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements. Two manual levers adjust both the height and front/back position for optimal comfort during long hours of use.

  • Combines, Tractors, and Front Boom Sprayers At Work

    Blue and yellow iron doing what it does best! For more information on New Holland equipment, visit:

  • MyNewHolland Portal and App Commercial

    New Holland has upgraded the "MyNewHolland" portal and app experience to better serve owners and operators of New Holland equipment. With areas such as My Account, My Equipment, connections to My PLM and New Holland dealerships, plus new features added frequently, MyNewHolland is a digital gateway for extra support and problem-solving materials.

    For more information, visit

  • Hemp Industry Re-Emergence in North America

    New Holland Agriculture has been working with partners, the National Hemp Association and Penn State University, in a bid to raise awareness and educate producers about the benefits of industrial hemp and its exciting potential for economic sustainability. The aerial footage of New Holland's own hemp acreage gives an idea of the scale of this project and shows how New Holland products can be used throughout the entire cropping cycle. This is further testament to New Holland’s commitment to help accelerate the return of hemp crops on farms across North America.

    Learn more about this versatile crop and how we are supporting its gradual re-emergence in North America:

  • Big Hay Baling: Award-Winning BigBaler High Density

    The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named two of New Holland Agriculture’s innovations as winners of the 2021 #AE50 awards: Including the BigBaler 340 High Density large square baler!

    The BigBaler 340 High Density large square baler delivers all-out efficiency by producing bales of up to 22% higher density than conventional large square balers. It introduces two unique features, the latest in New Holland’s long string of industry-firsts in baling. The exclusive SmartShift™ two speed gearbox, winner of the Silver Medal at the Agritechnica Innovation Award 2019, is a unique driveline concept that significantly increases productivity, enhances operator comfort, and improves tractor driveline protection. The patented Loop MasterTM knotting technology delivers up to 26% improved twine tensile strength and is the first commercialized double knotter in the world that prevents plastic pollution. The baler also features a unique hydraulic axle suspension system yields improved ground following and ensures excellent weight distribution across all four wheels. The hydraulic suspension allows the operator to raise the baler to new heights giving operators easy access to components on the bottom side of the baler.

    With these new and unique features, combined with the high capacity five bar MaxiSweep™ pickup, the baler delivers outstanding profitability to the producer. The BigBaler High Density was also crowned Machine of the Year 2020 in the Forage Harvesting category by a jury panel of journalists representing the leading European agricultural publications.

    Learn more about the BigBaler High Density Series here:

    Read more about the AE50 20201 New Holland awards here:

  • 3D Breakaway: T9.700 High Horsepower Tractor

    Building a monster with a 3D breakaway animation of one of the world's most powerful tractors: A New Holland T9.700.

    For more information on all the features and specifications of the T9 with PLM Intelligence™ visit:

  • 2-Acre Talk: T9.700 Tractor and Ty Hunter

    A special "2-Acre Talk" video with Hunter Brothers' Ty Hunter - The country music star and farmer talks about his experience with New Holland's T9.700 high horsepower tractor at Hunter Farms. Versatility, Ground Speed Management System, comfort during long work days, smooth ride, and visibility are all discussed during this video.

    Visit Hunter Brothers music website:

  • T9 with PLM Intelligence™: New Remotes in Model Year 2021

    The new dust covers keep the rear remote outlets clean from debris lessening the likelihood for leaks when hoses are attached. Plus, the new remote release levers make it easier to connect and release hydraulic hoses when the system is under pressure.

    For more information on the T9 with PLM Intelligence™ visit:

  • Father vs. Son: IntelliSense™ Automation System in a CR Revelation Combine

    Father and son go head-to-head in two separate combines while demonstrating the effectiveness of the IntelliSense™ Automation system. It'll be the son's manual settings vs. dad's IntelliSense system selecting the best action out of 280 million possibilities every 20 seconds!

    Learn more about the CR Revelation combine and its IntelliSense™ system here:

  • BigBaler HD Large Square Hay Baler

    Pack more crop into every bale with the BigBaler 340 High Density hay baler. Make bales that are up to 22% more dense than conventional balers. This is ALL-OUT EFFICIENCY:
    Higher-density, more uniform bales with less handling and hauling. Learn more about New Holland's BigBaler HD here:

  • How it works: BigBaler High Density Large Square Hay Baler

    With its award winning innovative SmartShift™ driveline and other baling features including MaxiSweep™ five bar pick-up and Loop Master™ double knotter, the New Holland BigBaler HD (High Density) represents all-out baling efficiency. This video provides an inside look at how this large square hay baler operates.

  • How it works: Loop Master™ Double Knotter Tech on BigBaler

    Starting with 2020, the Loop Master double knotter comes standard on all BigBaler series large square hay balers:

    • Further enhances New Holland’s double knotting system with a loop style knot for the second knot
    • The loop knot is 37% stronger compared to a standard knot which provides up to a 26% increase in overall tensile strength for reduced breakages
    • Twine offcuts are eliminated resulting in cleaner fields and less contaminated feed
    • Across 10,000 bales, nearly 4 miles or about 100 lbs. of twine offcuts are saved

  • Ultimate power and connectivity: The New T9 with PLM Intelligence

    Introducing New Holland’s most powerful and connected tractor to date, the T9 with PLM Intelligence™. With seven different horsepower levels ranging from 370 to 620 rated engine horsepower, operators get best-in-class power and torque.

    For more information, visit:

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