Unverferth Step Up Conversion

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Unverferth Step Up Conversion for sale at Altman Tractor Co., SC



  • Stub-Disc Wheels
    • Easily convert tractors with cast-center, bolt-on rim attachment to high-clearance workhorses
    • Heavy-duty rims are constructed with straight-plate centers with bolt holes precision machined to mount to the tractor's cast center
    • Centers are fully welded to the entire circumference of the rim for greatest strength
    • Available in standard diameters to fit 36", 38", 42" cast centers and metric John Deere cast centers to convert tractor to 42" through 54" tire sizes
    • Custom-built sizes are available to match other size cast centers and taller tire sizes up to 54"
  • Single-Bevel Rims
    • Easily convert tractors with cast centers that are attached by by lugs to greater heights with single-bevel rims
    • Single-bevel rims feature .224" thick rim and bevel sections and high-quality welding around the entire circumference for greatest durability
    • Standard sizes to fit tractors with 42" cast centers in diameters of 46", 48", 50", 52" and 54"
  • Double-Bevel Rims
    • Can be used as replacements, to go to a wider tire, or with step-up lugs to convert to a larger-diameter tire
    • Universal driver spacing allow them to fit 8-, 10-, 12- or 16-lug configuration. Standard sizes to fit most 34", 36", 38" and 42" cast centers.
  • Provide a factory look and a way to change to larger diameter tires on tractors, sprayers and other farm equipment
  • Provide factory or custom offsets to meet your row spacing needs
  • Straight-Plate Wheels
    • Provide a multitude of options to get your tractor or sprayer higher for greater crop clearance, or wider footprint for greater flotation
    • Commonly used where tread width settings remain constant
  • Custom-built dual wheels on rear using stub-disc wheels for the inside primary, and formed plate wheels for the rear duals and front wheels to achieve specific row spacings
  • All standard- and custom-built wheels are powder-coat finished to match popular tractor and sprayer brands


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