Marshall Tree Saw

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AR 400 Steel Non-Spinning Blade

Does not need sharpening

  • Cuts at or below ground level
  • Cuts in rock, gravel and dirt


With the Marshall Tree Saw non-spinning blade, you
will not have flying debris as compared to spinning
blade saws. Marshall Tree Saw is safe to work
around for man and animals

Simple fields maintenance - grease only twice a day

  • Built to withstand the toughest of work in the woods
  • Available built-in sprayer tank system


Model / Specifications (Note: High-Flow not required, however can be used)
  MODEL 1600
Blade Size: 16”
Auxiliary 16gpm/minimum | 2500psi/minimum | 4000/optimum
Chain Heavy Duty
Cylinder & Stroke: 7” I.D. x 8” O.D.
Weight 1950 lbs.*
*Note: Additional skid operating capacity of 500lbs. over and above saw weight is required for lifting and pushing of cut trees.
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