Construction Attachments Inc. Hydraulic Breakers - Backhoes

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Construction Attachments Inc. Hydraulic Breakers - Backhoes for sale at Altman Tractor Co., SC



  • Constructed of high strength steel to provide structural durability
  • Silence kit ensures noise protection, prevents dust and debris from entering breaker housing
  • Cushion Damper provides protection to the host machine
  • Auto Stop (Anti Blank Fire) System ensures less problem of the components and longer life of the breaker


Standard equipment includes:

(1) base breaker unit
(1) mounting bracket
(1) chisel point
(1) tool kit
(1) nitrogen gauge for checking pressure
(1) operators manual


  • Specify make and model of host machine when placing order
  • Weights may vary based on selected hitch styles



  • Use of unsuitable hydraulic couplers or hoses can cause damage to internal components of breaker.
  • Dry firing hydraulic breaker can result in damage to internal components of breaker and host machine.
  • Chisel paste must be used with hydraulic breakers, using high temperature grease as a substitution for chisel paste will cause damage to components of breaker.
  • Consult with appropriately trained hydraulic specialists prior to placing breaker into service.
  • Read operators manual before use.
  • Check hydraulic flow and pressure before use.
  • Instruct owner/operator on proper use of hydraulic breaker before delivery of machine or product.


Item No. 1BR225B-EX 1BR500B-EX
Energy Class (FT-LBS) 225 500
Blows/Min 550-1,000 600-1,300
Weight (LBS) 172 412
Weight Class (LBS) 1,400-3,000 3,000-8,000
Pressure Required (PSI) 1,305-1,740 1,280-1,710
Oil Flow Required (GPM) 3.7-6.6 7.0-16.0
Tool Diameter (IN) 1.77 2.24


Item No. 1BR650B-EX 1BR850B-EX
Energy Class (FT-LBS) 650 850
Blows/Min 550-1,100 380-900
Weight (LBS) 573 816
Weight Class (LBS) 5,000-9,000 5,000-11,000
Pressure Required (PSI) 1,565-2,347 1,740-2,393
Oil Flow Required (GPM) 9.25-18.5 10.1-22.1
Tool Diameter (IN) 2.76 2.95


Item No. 1BR1000B-EX 1BR1200B-EX 1BR2200B-EX
Energy Class (FT-LBS) 1,000 1,200 2,200
Blows/Min 400-1,100 350-1,000 350-9000
Weight (LBS) 1,076 1,104 2,240
Weight Class (LBS) 7,000-15,000 10,000-20,000 20,000-32,000
Pressure Required (PSI) 2,030-2,465 2,030-2,465 2,030-2,610
Oil Flow Required (GPM) 14.6-24.8 15.9-26.4 23.8-37.1
Tool Diameter (IN) 3.15 3.54 4.14
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