Alamo Industrial MC106M Weed Harvester

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With its storage capacity of 18 m3, the Conver MC106 is the largest in the series of weed harvesters. Standard with a height-adjustable U-shaped mowing unit with a conveyor belt to the deck and an interchangeable pontoon at the front, where you can choose between the mowing collection installation with a conveyor belt or a crane pontoon. This makes the MC106 a hybrid machine with multi-functional usability.


Dimensions 54' x 15.5' x 14'
Hull 36' x 9.5' x 4'
Weight 31,967 lbs
Loading Capacity 14,330 lbs per 635 ft³
Mowing Depth 0 - 6 in
Mowing Width 8 ft, ESM single working system
Conveyor Belts 8 ft wide, open stainless steel
Unloading Height Up to 8.5 ft above the waterline
Engine Perkins 854E-E34TA 3.4 l 86 kW, 4-cylinder
Fule Consumption 2.6 - 3.4 gal/hr
Propulsion Double anti-coiling augers
Fule Tank 42 gal
Hydraulic Tank 66 gal, with double suction filter and return filter, Bundle oil cooler
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